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Drive sales, build bonds & stay compliant effortlessly with SpiderGate's mobile SIM solution.

Stronger customer relationships start here.

Develop deep connections with your clients to drive referral sales.

Automated birthday messages & marketing campaigns

Pre-schedule personalized birthday SMSes or send out a message to the bakery to send your clients a birthday cake. Blast out drip-marketing message campaigns for new property launches to selected clients who have indicated their interest for that particular type of estate. By letting them know you care, they'll be more likely to recommend you to their next friend interested in purchasing a property.

Post-viewing SMS surveys

Easily trigger SMS workflows to collect feedback after successful viewings or deals. View the insights collected in a central workspace to see where to improve & clinch more sales with an upgraded service & by knowing where to provide more value to your future clients.

Omni-channel communications

Engage your customers on their favourite channels to make it more convenient for them. Whether its via the web, messaging apps, sms or voice, connect with them through a single workspace and get a centralised view of all your interactions for more context-driven future conversations & efficient extraction of past interaction histories.

Surprisingly Easy Telemarketing


Bulk upload of a list of numbers to auto-dial & be informed only when a recipient picks up.

Auto-DNC (do not call) checking

Relieve yourself from the hassle of manual checks automatically blocking leads on the sms or call DNC registry.

Workforce Management

Access reports on your hired telemarketers performance and listen to call recordings to gauge quality.

Make calls on-the-go

All features work on your desktop or mobile so you can make calls with unlimited talk-time & auto-DNC check anywhere.

Truly productive, actually compliant.

Get help with data entry & customer support

Our friendly AI secretary will become your personal assistant with a humanised Singaporean voice.


Create viewing appointments with your clients & integrate details into your Google Calendar or M.S teams.

Answering calls after office hours

Improve your lifestyle & not have to worry about missing your lead's call while your bot answers their enquiries.


Reminds your clients a day before their viewing appointments to get confirmation. Also reminds you on upcoming renewals to follow up on.

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