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Empower your team by letting them use cutting edge tools with the devices they love on a singular platform.

Modular, Flexible & Scalable

Catered for teams of all sizes. Use only what you need and upgrade as your company advances in digitalisation.

Creative products that form solutions

Add on different applications on top of your cloud PBX system to solve specific communication needs like call centers, compliance and more!


Our most popular solutions

We'll be with you at every step of your digital transformation journey.

Optimizing Productivity

Get live insights on agents performance, client integrations and atuomate tasks with our cloud contact center solution.

Seamless User Experience

Manage client interactions with advanced queue systems, extension systems and campaign management.

DNC compliance

Automated DNC checks in real time. Save your time on actual prospecting. 


Cloud PBX

One Platform, multiple Devices.

Transform Business Interactions

Support flexible working and plan for retiring legacy communication systems with our future proof cloud PBX solution. Use number masking, extension management and more to create your desired communication flows.

Accessible & Secure

Supported for mobility, our cloud PBX solution is supported on your mobile phone, web or desk phone. Be it overseas, the office, home, or a co-working space, our advanced pin management system lets your organization log in securely to make calls anywhere, at anytime.

New Age Communications

Fixed-mobile convergence for the future.

Did you know? Landlines are expected to phase out by 2025. Many of our clients are in the phase of retiring their old PBX systems and struggling to plan for future-proof communications. Here at SpiderGate, we take pride in transforming companies achieve their digitalization goals in an affordable and sustainable manner. With several years in the industry, we believe that communication is the base to a successful organization.


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