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Advanced DNC & Call Recording solutions built for companies to comply with regulations and quality standards

Experience Hassle-Free & Cost-Effective Compliance

Compliance in different circumstances

complex & dynamic regulatory environment for compliance.png

Complex & dynamic regulatory environment

costly fines from compliance breach.png

Avoid brand damage & costly fines from violations

mitigating compliance risk for business continuity planning.png
service quality.png

Ensure quality consistency as company scales

Use for various purposes

Getting consent when contacting referrals

compliance procedure of getting consent before contacting for sales.png

Checking in on agents to ensure they follow rules

eg. via call recording

checking in on agents for compliance.png

More productive telemarketing

productive compliance for telemarketing

Complying with company procedures eg. blacklist checking

following company procedures for compliance.png

Storage of data for audit trail

data storage for audit trail compliance.png

Minimising data entry error via automated compliance workflows

data entry error via automated compliance workflows.png

How it works

Real time auto-DNC checking

 Checks unlimited numbers against DNC

✔ Company blacklist checking

✔ Compliance dashboard for audit

✔ Consent & license management

real time automated dnc checking for compliance.jpeg
Automated call recording

 Detailed call history with easy filtering

✔ Record verbal consent for telemarketing

✔ Secure recording file transfer 

✔ Ensure agents adhere to quality standards

automated call recording for compliance.jpeg

Compliance on-the-go or anywhere

cloud pbx mobile device supported callin
Cloud pbx ip phones.png
cloud pbx enterprise mobility multiple d
Multi-device compatibility

 Works on landline IP phones

✔ Works on iOS/ Android Mobile & SIM

✔ Works on Windows/ Mac desktops

dnc cloud pbx integrable with legacy pho
Legacy phone system integrable

 Easily add to existing phone systems

✔ Port over or get new numbers

✔ Works for calls, texts or fax

✔ Single tool to check efficiently

You're in good hands.

compliant copy.png

Meets compliancy guidelines by MAS & PDPC


enterprise clients in Singapore using our award winning system

market leader in dnc compliance solutions.png

market leader for DNC solutions in SG

revamping system to keep up with new compliance regulations.png

Constant revamping of system to keep up with new laws

SG's most regulated companies love SpiderGate

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Boost your compliance workflow today

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 Money back guarantee, no questions asked.

 Suitable for SMS campaigns to avoid sending messages to unintended parties

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