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Stay Operational With A Business Continuity Plan

Keep operations running as usual during emergencies, with a flexible system that supports remote work.

Manage all kinds of disruptions

power outage.png

Power outage & system failures

virus lockdown.png

Virus lockdowns

renovation & onsite fire bcp.png

Device breakdowns

onsite fire or floods.png

Emergency Situations

Keep internal communications going

Multi-device flexibility
cloud pbx enterprise mobility multiple d
cloud pbx mobile device supported callin
dnc cloud pbx integrable with legacy pho

Empower employees to work remotely effectively on their favourite devices (IP phones, Mac/ Windows desktops & iOS/ Android mobile phones. Seamlessly transition to working from home.

Quick set-up solutions

Relocate to temporary offices easily with plug & play IP phones that only require an internet connection to get up & running.

Cloud access from anywhere 

Call recordings & communication solutions can be stored on the cloud or on-premise servers and used from any devices, which gives you enterprise mobility.

Work like nothing has changed

Stay reachable via the same number

Reach your customers from any device with the same outgoing business caller ID and allow them to call you via that same landline number even in the event of a disaster.

High availability

Keep servicing customers even when your employees are affected by the emergency situations with the virtual line auto-attendant giving instructional messages or scheduling callbacks.

Continue supervising

Manage remote agents or customer service staff with a call centre that gives full visibility on their activity and performance in real-time. Spy listen to their calls or guide them on call whisper mode.


Safeguard your business

Mitigate financial loss
financial loss bcp.png

BCP plans speed up recovery time for your employees to continue servicing customers which reduces losses associated with a downtime.

Having business processes run as usual during a disaster ensures that your company is able to fulfil its service level agreement to its customers.

Protect brand reputation
Boost employee morale

Keeping your operations running smoothly during unexpected events gives employees confidence that business will carry on as usual.


Get a peace of mind with SpiderGate


of businesses affected by a major incident & do not have sufficient or appropriate business continuity plans, close within 18 months.

Communication is key to a successful business recovery. Proper communication processes helps expedite recovery efforts, protect company assets from further compromise & minimise losses.

We have BCP plans ourselves

Multiple redundant servers & sites globally for all of our communication technologies & hardware. 99.9% uptime guarantee.


No extra cost to forward calls to alternative locations. Massive cost savings compared to traditional IP PBX systems.

Comprehensive solutions

One stop centre for your communication needs, to protect your whole communications system in emergency events.

Over 5k companies use us for preventive measures

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Start your business continuity planning today

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