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The Building Blocks Of Communications

Modular products that seamlessly integrate with each other.


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Contact Centre

The building block for any inbound and outbound call center.

It allows organisations to:

  • Make automated calls with auto dialler

  • Track and monitor agents productivity

  • Track and monitor major KPIs

  • Integration to CRM systems

  • Create advance queue management workflows

  • Implement different conversation modes like whisper & barge and more!


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The building block for managing extensions and complicated call flows without ever needing to code.

Virtual line allows organizations to:

  • Set auto attendant

  • Customized extensions

  • Multi layers IVR menu

  • Live updates of call flows

  • Number handling

  • VIP call flows and more!

Bizphone (Cloud PBX)

VoIP for making and receiving calls on any device.

Bizphone is a soft phone that is/has:​

  • Supported by web, mobile & landline desk phones

  • Easy user management by admin

  • Security passwords/pin modes for hotdesking

  • Number masking feature

  • Set different teams

  • Easy integration with all our other products.


Global DNC Checking

The productivity tool for managing outbound leads with PDPA compliance.

It empowers organisations to:​

  • Make real-time automated DNC checks against the PDPC registry

  • Make bulk filtering

  • Manage whitelist/blacklist across your organization and its subsidiaries

  • Integrates easily with call recording to fulfil MAS requirements for the financial industry

Auto-Call Recording

The building block for monitoring call history to manage disputes and improve service quality.



SpiderGate also provides:​

  • Virtual Fax

  • SMS Marketing

  • Virtual IVR

  • Campaign Management

  • Custom integrations with CRM

  • Custom integrations with your organizations' APP 

  • And more!

Contact Centre
Cloud PBX
Call record

With Call Recording, organizations can now:​

  • Automatically record all calls

  • Track calls for compliance

  • Use calls for training purposes

  • Use calls to monitor efficiency

  • Integrates easily with global DNC to fulfil MAS requirements for the financials industry

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