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Fully automated DNC & internal blacklist checking tool for your calls, SMS & faxes in real time.


Enterprise-grade compliance in every scenario

Leads get privacy. You get a more efficient way of contacting leads. Everybody's happy.

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Contacting Referrals or 3rd Party Lead Sources
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Cold Calling Campaigns For Call Centres
Outbound Telemarketing
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SMS Marketing Campaigns to Consumers

No one does it like SpiderGate

Everything you would expect in a good DNC solution & more.

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Reduced data entry errors

Set up workflows to record & integrate customer consent directly into your CRM. Multiple accounts within the organisation can be synced when anyone updates anything.

Bulk filtering of numbers

Check an unlimited no of numbers at any one time with results available within 24 hours.

Compliance dashboard

Track tele-activities & create audit trails for data protection officers (DPOs) to use to scrutinise for potential violation cases & evaluate audit data for compliance.

Consent & License Management

Amend the company blacklist/ whitelist and assign staff and agents licenses to do DNC checking.

Hassle-free & cost-effective 








Export contact list from CRM

Login to DNC portal

Top up credits

Run the checking

Wait for results

Reimport filtered list to CRM

Proceed with call

Steps to do manual PDPC checking:

Less manual effort

SpiderGate's DNC allows you to skip all the steps of manual PDPC checking & proceed straight to the calling.

Transparent pricing

You'll be given immediate price estimate when you upload a list of numbers for bulk filtering, before you decide to proceed with the number scrubbing 

Cheaper communication costs

No double charges for calling the same number within a period of 21 days. Save overall communication costs.

Duplicate Number Removal Functionality

Waste no time screening numbers that have been checked by the DNC system previously when bulk filtering. No double charges for checking the same number again within the 21 day validity time frame.

SG's most regulated companies love SpiderGate

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Enjoy enterprise mobility & flexibility

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cloud pbx mobile device supported callin
cloud pbx enterprise mobility multiple d

Compatible with SpiderGate's Cloud PBX

Works on landline IP phones, mobile & desktop for Windows, Macbook, IOS & Android. Make DNC calls on-the-go.
dnc cloud pbx integrable with legacy pho

Integrable with legacy phone systems

Easily add a DNC module to your company's existing phone systems & start your DNC checks immediately.

You're in good hands.

We're constantly revamping our award-winning platform to keep up with the latest law updates.


Meets compliancy guidelines by MAS & PDPC


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calls per day through our system

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Market Leader For DNC Solutions in SG

Unbelievably convenient

3 seconds is all it takes - here's how the DNC checking works.

Voice Call & SMS
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Voice Call, SMS & Fax
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Voice Call & SIP
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Numbers are
checked against
1. Company's Blacklist
2. Global DNC Registry
Registered in DNC or blacklist?
Proceed with call/ SMS/ fax
Call/ SMS/ Fax is blocked



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