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Manage remote agents & high call volumes with a feature-packed inbound contact centre solution.

Delight Customers with a Flexible Inbound Call Centre

Handle various inbound requests

product & technical support requests for inbound contact centre.png

Product or technical support

sales enquiries for inbound contact cent

Sales Enquiries

upgrade & renewal requests for inbound c

Upgrade & Renewals


Appointment Scheduling

payment & order processing for inbound c

Payment & order processing

Customisable advanced features

Queue management configurations

queue management.png

Automated Call-backs with pattern detection

automated call back inbound call centre.

Intelligent Call Routing & Recording

call recording.png

Software/ CRM API Integrations


SMS post-call survey


Real-time activity & performance reports

interactive voice response for call cent

Suggested responses & note-taking

Omnichannel & call control functions


Supervise from anywhere

call centre.jpg
View agent & queue statistics

Track real time staffs' SLA, current no of calls in queue, average wait time, call durations to make fast decisions when neccessary.

Take over calls

Whisper mode coaching, spy listen on calls, barge-in on them when needed for agent training and monitoring.

Optimise resources & schedules

Adjust the break time between calls to prevent long holding times for customers & view peak periods to deploy more staff.


Exceedingly scalable

Enable self service

Deal with high call volume without needing to hire extra manpower with virtual line auto-attendants. Direct customers to self-help resources for repetitive enquiries through sending SMS links.

Segment & prioritise interactions

Prioritise interactions to be answered first based on business value. Differentiate requests to match callers with proficient agents via skill-based routing. Resolve issues faster with helpful support.

Attend to customers after-office hours

Easily use a visual interface to configure different call flows for holiday or after-office hours with automated greetings.

Full mobility & reliability

Cloud pbx ip phones.png
cloud pbx mobile device supported callin
cloud pbx enterprise mobility multiple d
Allow customers to reach you on multiple platforms

View support tickets (call, sms, whatsapp, webchat) from multiple channels on a single platform for efficient handling.

99.9% Uptime assurance

Multiple redundant servers around the globe for all of our communication technologies. 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Multi-device & legacy system compatible

Empower employees to work remotely & access apps on their favourite devices without losing control over their activities.

Better business outcomes

Enhance customer loyalty

View omni-channel conversation histories & have CRM customer info pop up immediately when the call connects for personalised, context-driven interactions.

Build agile operations
agile operations inbound contact centre.

Full awareness of dynamic contact centre conditions & resource availability in real time for quick handling & facilitation of accurate long-term planning.

Increase business revenue
financial loss bcp.png

Fast query resolutions coupled with increased resource efficiency leads to higher customer satisfaction. This in turn drives customer retention & higher CLV.

Enhanced customer experience

visual ivr 1.png

Calling ABC pte ltd...

visual ivr 3.png
visual ivr 2.png


Please visit to enjoy a visual menu experience


Customer calls your company


Customer receives message with link to visual IVR


Customer hears IVR message


Customer chooses visual IVR & keys in his number


Customer clicks link to visit visual IVR menu

visual ivr 5.png

Check your plans

Get a new plan

Ask a question

& more!

visual ivr 2.png

Hello there...

Press 1 to continue or


Press 2 to type in your number for a visual IVR experience

voice ivr.png
Next generation, voice & visual IVR communication via call
Solve queries in no time

Customers can read the main points from the visual IVR messages immediately, rather than listening the entire speech.

Designed for CRM integration

Directly read tickets or answer them via your CRM and have conversations logged immediately into their customer records

Friendly visual IVR builder

Craft the perfect call or visual flow experience with a simple user interface that does not require coding.

Strengthen your support system

whatsapp spidergate inbound contact centre 1.png
WhatsApp Ticketing System

✔ Support a single corporate WhatsApp with an infinite no. of agents behind the scenes

✔ Ticket can be handled by multiple agents while appearing as the same agent responding

✔ Supervisor assignment or round-robin routing of tickets to available support agents

✔ Set template messages to be quickly used by support staff for consistent service standards

✔ Reference to past or closed cases for context

✔ Masking of customer information to agents, for privacy purposes

Web chat widget for website

pre-chat survey webchat for spidergate inbound contact centre new.png
real-time live chat between support agent & customer.png
after office hours notification webchat for spidergate inbound contact centre.png

✔ Mobile browser optimised with conversational chatbot

✔ Routing to support agents in real-time to have live chats

✔ After office hour notifications for different chat flow

✔ Shows customer info like the page he is on, device operating system & browser

✔ Allows agents to add private notes or upload private files for each chat.

✔ Same canned responses & backend functions as WhatsApp for consistency

An inbound contact centre second to none

PropNex Limited.png

"We used SpiderGate's call centre solution due to its comprehensive inbound & outbound functionalities. Through it, our local agents can receive enquiries from customers & delivery drivers.  When the call volume gets too busy to handle,  we transfer it to a secondary call centre in our Philippines office, which is also set up by SpiderGate. The text to speech messages & interactive call flow also enables our customers to self-service."

Logistics & Retail Company

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