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Easily Manage Business Text Conversations

Engage customers with personalised messages or set up SMS campaigns quickly for your outbound marketing efforts.

Boost your business communication flexibility


Appointment reminders 

sms remarketing to existing customers.png

Remarketing to existing customers

sms Marketing to cold leads.webp

Marketing to cold leads

sms text campaign to inform customers of business changes.webp

Inform customers on business changes

sms marketing to converse with customers who prefer communicating via another channel.webp

Converse with customers who are too busy to call

Not just your typical SMS functions

Sender name customisation (can use company name)

sms sender name customisation.webp

SMS history log & message scheduling


SMS Campaigns with sender ID control (can use business number)

spidergate sms campaign sender id control feature.webp

Filtering of DNC numbers from recipient list

dnc filtering of sms text message contact list.webp

Unsubscribe options for customers to stay legally compliant

spidergate sms marketing unsubscribe option.webp

Contact management & message auto-personalisation

spidergate sms message auto-personalisation merge tag and contact database management.webp
spidergate sms marketing value & interface, omni-channel capabilities, allow customers to

Enjoy multiple benefits

Allow multiple employees to manage

An infinite number of employees can handle your company's SMS ticketing system, & flexibly answer using their desktops or various mobile devices.

Allow customers to reply when they are free

When customers are too busy to call at the moment, you can still inform them of essential business updates.

Additional touchpoint for customers to reach you

Lets customers who do not have WhatsApp or prefer not to call, to reach you via text instead.

Improve your sales funnel

Send campaigns only when you're ready to respond

Limit campaign timeframes to office hours to respond to queries immediately & close deals before customers change their mind.

A/B test messages to improve sales

Full visibility of past conversations for analysis by seeing which text copies produced the most conversions or unsubscribes.

Market to leads who do not pick up your calls

Potential leads are more likely to open a message to read about your promotion than answer unknown marketing calls. They can then get some time to consider about purchasing.

spidergate sms marketing ticketing system benefits.webp
spidergate sms marketing ticketing system benefits.webp

Here's how companies have used us

PropNex Limited.png
  • Sent out SMS Campaign to existing subscribers in company database about new property launch

  • Imported list of users to system

  • Analysed post campaign report with no. of users that unsubscribed

spidergate sms marketing value, multiple employees omni-channel capabilities, allow custom
Real estate & financial service firm
  • Sent out SMS quick SMS to remind  customers about their appointment.

  • Used company's name as sender name to appear more professional

  • Used DNC to filter name list before sending promos to cold leads

Beauty & wellness services firm
business using spidergate sms marketing communication solution-min.webp

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