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SpiderGate Mobile Zentrex with DNC

Exclusive Online Price



Product Information

  • No double-charges within 21 days validity period

  • Subscription period lasts 1 calendar year starting from date of activation

  • Supports Android/Apple mobile devices

  • Performs DNC checks against the DNC registry before allowing user to call after the check is made

  • Bypass option for numbers blocked by company blacklist/DNC registry

  • DNC checks are made against the Voice & SMS registry

  • DNC check results will only be valid until 11:59pm on the day the check is made

  • Not inclusive of DNC check credits


*** Call credits are not included in the bundle and require a seperate top up

*** We have a no-refund policy. If you move agencies during the subscription period, you will need to re-subscribe again

Usage instructions

Step 1: Type in the number you want to check ​and press call

Step 2: System will auto check against DNC registry before the call can be made

Step 3: Use the phone book or see recent checks with icons on the top right

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