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Stay Operational With A Business Continuity Plan

Minimise damages incurred during emergencies with a plug & play system that safeguards data & supports remote work.

Manage All Kinds Of Disruptions

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Malware threats & cyber attacks

power outage.png

Power outage & system failures

virus lockdown.png

Virus lockdowns

renovation & onsite fire bcp.png

Onsite renovations, or device breakdowns

onsite fire or floods.png

Onsite fires or floods

Disaster recovery is not always easy

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Data loss challenges

For companies that do manual back-up of their data or don't store data on the cloud, they might lose vital data and resort to having to redo the piece of work. 

Remote work requirements

Employees can no longer rely on onsite servers to collaborate when its down. This results in missed communications, switching between multiple apps & frustration, leading to unproductiveness.

Client commitments

Employees are unable to complete urgent time-bound assignments by their clients due to losing client data on their servers, leading to unhappy customers & lawsuits from losing sensitive information.

We'll give you a peace of mind

Data auto-backup 

We'll back up your important information offsite, on the cloud for ease of access anywhere you are. Our systems are encrypted with enterprise-grade security so your sensitive information stays safe. 

Multi-device mobility & operating systems flexibility

Empower employees to work remotely effectively on their favourite devices (IP phones, Mac/ Windows desktops & iOS/ Android mobile phones. Seamlessly transition to WFH using the same interface.

Build client confidence

Show clients your BCP measures & they'll be more assured to use your company rather than your competitors due to your service reliability. Access to your contact list even when your system crashes.

cloud pbx enterprise mobility multiple d
cloud pbx mobile device supported callin
dnc cloud pbx integrable with legacy pho

Work like nothing has changed

Relocate to temporary offices easily with IP phones that only need an internet connection to get up & running.

Plug & Play
site relocation bcp.png

Set back-up lines for support in emergency situations so customers can still contact you via the same landline number.

Re-route calls
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Customer service as usual

Customers will not be aware that  your office system is down with your auto-attendant can answering simple enquiries.


The ultimate insurance for crisis situations


Building resilience in your company's system is part of risk management laws that certain industries have to follow. 

Mitigate financial risk

Financial losses from downtime can be avoided. Further reduce financial risk from regulatory fines by adding auto-DNC checking.

A provider with BCP plans ourselves

Multiple redundant servers & sites globally for all of our communication technologies & hardware. 99.9% uptime guarantee.


No extra cost to forward calls to alternative locations or hefty maintenance costs typical to traditional PBX systems.

Compliance with industry regulations

Over 5k companies use us for preventive measures

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"I'm really glad to have found SpiderGate for my business continuity planning. The reliability in my communications infrastructure shows my shareholders that I have a long term vision for the company & they are now more likely to support me in my business decisions. It also shows my responsibility in protecting my clients' sensitive information as well as capability in fulfilling time-pressed cases I have with them. "

PG Lee, director of a law firm

Start your business continuity planning today

Free advise on your communication needs even if you don't eventually purchase from us

Free product demo

No hard selling if you don't need the features

 Money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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Spidergate white, logo.png

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Spidergate is a leading enterprise communications player in Singapore & the market leader for DNC solutions. Since its launch in 2014, it has provided its suite of cloud communication products to over 5000 organizations. Our robust system powers seamless user experiences for customers & employees alike.

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